Millions of people don’t want to work in a corporative business environment and rather prefer to make it on their own with their own ideas and proper decisions. This is where eCommerce platforms come to create a whole new business as a startup or just enhance an already working model. What a time to be alive!

Shopify is probably the most popular eCommerce platform in the world and can help you in creating a visually stunning and fully-functional online store. A Shopify store is entirely customizable thus providing uniqueness in today’s huge competition. In this article we are going to point out the factors that make Shopify suitable for retailers in 2023.  

So what are the biggest benefits of Shopify that make it the most preferred platform?

Affordable Initial Prices

When starting a new business getting the initial budget right is vital. Every successful startup had to cut costs in the beginning and this is no surprise. The good thing about Shopify is that you get everything needed for a fully-operational online store at a rather low price. In addition, if we compare Shopify with the other popular eCommerce platforms – the same amount of money will get your business furthest with Shopify. That way you can focus on features and improvements and not cost saving. 

No Specific Technical Knowledge Required

The good thing about Shopify is that it is not aimed only at IT specialists or web developers – it should be suitable for everybody who wants to sell a product or service. You don’t need any specific programming or networking skills to make your online shop work.

If you don’t know anything about hosting – Shopify has got you covered. The guys from Shopify handle and pay for the hosting that is actually faster than expected. In addition their employees also maintain the needed software and handle the payment gateways.

Setting It Up is Easy

Setting up an online shop with Shopify is a piece of cake via its admin interface. In our opinion it is very user-friendly and logical. Thorough documentation and video guides are also available for your needs.

Of course, if you have problems you can hire a Shopify expert who will not only set up everything perfectly but will also explain the various options in detail so together you can make the best decisions for your business. Setting up an online store for retailers has never been so accessible and easy!

Themes and Apps That Will Help You Stand Among the Competition

As we said in the beginning your online store is fully customizable with Shopify. In your search for uniqueness you can choose from more than 160 themes. These themes can be found in the Shopify Theme Store, but keep in mind that not all of them are free! After you pick up the right theme for your business sector, you can further customize it by editing the code itself.

If you don’t have an artistic vision yet – don’t worry! Our Shopify Development Services will do wonders with your online store and attract even more customers and profit. We know how things should be done!

It Is One Secure Platform

Security is vital for every business and respectively its customers nowadays. Your clients need to feel safe when they visit your website or they will never do it again! If you are new to the eCommerce world this is probably a bit frightening…but do not worry as the guys from Shopify have your security covered.

Shopify protects your data with important security updates, handles compliance and shields your store against malicious attempts. Once you are sure that your website is secured you can focus on finding new customers and increasing the income!

Another positive thing about Shopify is that it is constantly developing and new valuable features are added. So What Should we expect from Shopify in 2023?

Impressive Revenue Growth Will Continue

It is no secret that as a company Shopify is growing with every single year. With a 90% revenue growth in 2016 specialists predict a 70% growth for 2017. You can imagine this is a huge deal for a company that has been founded in 2004.

With a 95% revenue increase in 2015, we can see that these growth numbers are slowing down in pace but there is nothing to worry about. Shopify doesn’t have that many close competitors and as traditional business gets more and more “digital” Shopify may soon be unreachable as the number one eCommerce platform.  

The Evolution into a Whole Ecosystem

Shopify is not only increasing its revenue but developing its customer base as well. This is because they are growing smart by adding new and new valuable features. That way Shopify is slowly turning into a full ecosystem of services.  

These add-on services include a point-of-sale card reader, Shopify Pay (stores clients’ payment info), a wholesale channel for retailers, new APIs that serve for Shopify integration into apps and others.

Improved Security and Payment System

As our lifestyle and everyday activities depend more and more on digital media and the Internet malicious attacks will improve in number as well. This is why every reputable company needs to guard our personal information very seriously. A simple leak of client payment data can destroy a huge company for just a week.

As mobile eCommerce continues its rise in 2018 mobile devices might be the top approach for online shopping. For this reason Shopify is expanding its payment methods. The newest addition to the family is Google Pay that will transfer all payment and shipping information directly to the customers’ Google Account. Another announcement is that shopping via Instagram is now available in Australia, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Brazil as well.

It you are part of a startup company and want to sell a unique product you have a lot to take care of. There are many eCommerce platforms from which to choose from and in this article we’ve covered the most important factors that you should be on the lookout for.

In our opinion Shopify will most probably be the right choice as it offers quite more for the same price. We already mentioned the ease of use, affordable initial price, hundreds of customizable themes and security that you can trust! In short – if you want to build an online store – you cannot go wrong with Shopify! We at IndyLogix are here to share our knowledge and know-how and help you in expanding your business!