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    The mobile application is the heart of today’s world. It has become a necessity for almost all kinds of businesses and enterprises to survive in today’s competitive and rapidly changing market. A number of powerful frameworks are available in the market for the development of mobile applications. So, whenever one plans to develop a mobile application for his business, the biggest question arises in his mind is which among the available frameworks is the best suitable for building a beautiful, goal-oriented, budget-friendly, fast, and efficient mobile application.

    One of the most popular frameworks available in the market for the development of mobile applications is React Native. We can observe that organizations often look to hire React Native Developers these days to get their mobile applications developed. Let us have a brief introduction to React Native.

    React Native is a Javascript framework that enables the development of native mobile applications for both android and iOS. With react-native, developers need to create the code only once and it can be shared across both Android and iOS. Writing codes twice to manage two platforms is no more required. This helps to boost the development speed excessively.

    React Native permits to achieve the identical result as native faster, with a smaller team, and at a more economical cost. It was introduced by Facebook in February 2015 and soon gained the confidence of a number of companies and developers worldwide. It allows developers to create an application from scratch as well as to modify an already developed android or ios app. The concept of React Native has arrived from the React platform created for the development of web applications. Some of the advantages of using this framework for Mobile Application Development are:

    1. This framework is completely open-source and free. One need not pay anything to use this outstanding framework.
    2. This framework works with Javascript which is one of the oldest and most popular programming languages among the developer community. The probability of getting developers who are JavaScript professionals is much higher.
    3. The use of this framework makes the development of a mobile application much faster with reduced cost and effort.
    4. It allows the code written for one platform to be used for another platform.

    Some of the most popular applications built using this framework are Instagram, Walmart, Skype, UberEATS, Gyroscope, Bloomberg, etc.

    Although this framework has gained a lot of popularity in the world of Mobile Application Development in recent years, it is not suitable for all kinds of applications. There are few specific types of applications for which this framework can be the best choice for development. Here in this article, we will have a look at the kinds of applications for which React Native has proved to be a perfect framework.

    • Applications that do not require native APIs

    If the application relies closely on native APIs then React-Native may not be the great choice for development. This framework was actually designed for creating apps that are easy and to the point. If the application needs native APIs to do what it is expected to do, moving with a native framework like swift or java would be the satisfactory choice.

    • E-Commerce Apps

    React Native has tremendous versatility to offer to its users and consists of numerous features that are needed to create an effective and efficient e-commerce app. These features help the developers to preserve a lot of time, money, and efforts while building e-commerce applications.

    • Simple Cross-Platform Apps

    The applications that are easy and clear work well on React Native. If the app that needs to be developed is a complicated one and consists of a large number of screens then this framework might not be the appropriate choice to work with.

    • Quick Prototype

    If the application is only a swift prototype that has to be used to check out the market then React Native is apparently the right framework to carry on. The reason for suggesting this framework in such cases is that it is capable of building apps for both Android and iOS quickly, with very limited functionality and lightweight UI.

    • Quick applications for short term use

    When there is a need to develop a swift application that is required for a short period without the need for any maintenance or updates, React Native may be the perfect framework to use. The application developed can later be improved, elongated or even abandoned once the goal is achieved.

    • Social Media Apps

    If there is a need to develop a relatively fast social media app with more features and options then React Native may be the right choice for the development. Instagram, Skype, Pinterest, Discord are some of the most popular social media apps developed using this framework.

    • Applications with Synchronized UI

    With this framework, it is very easy to develop applications that have a simplified UI. React Native, being a cross-platform development framework, allows developers to modify a line of code only once and realize the modifications across different platforms. This helps developers to preserve a lot of time as they do not need to modify separate codebases to perform changes across multiple platforms, which is a very lengthy and time-consuming process.

    Wrapping Up

    React Native works very well for all the above-mentioned kinds of apps hence giving an amazing development experience. The applications developed using this framework are lightweight, serviceable, quick, and budget-friendly.

    The framework is growing day by day and providing us answers for our different queries. The use of this framework makes the application more powerful in a number of ways ranging from a simple code structure to a fabulous UI and great run-time flexibility. This platform also holds a check on memory spacing as well.

    React Native is proved to be an excellent framework that has a huge community of developers all over the world. It is an outstanding choice if you are looking to turn out your idea into a cross-platform application and create a corner in both ios and android markets and Indylogix Solutions is the perfect choice to achieve this!