Why is Flutter leading the cross-platform technology race?
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    A lot of people would not be aware of Flutter or Hybrid app development but In the world of cross-platform development, there is the term ‘Flutter’ which is emerging day by day. It has become one of the fastest-growing mobile application development tools today to build iOS and Android apps with a single code base. Every tool has some specific reasons to gain popularity over the other so with flutter. it is superior in every possible way over anything else available in the market. it has overcome shortcomings of other technologies like React Native or Ionic.

    Let’s find out some of the major reasons behind the growing popularity of Flutter

    1. The Dart Language 

    One of the most important reasons for Flutter being used today is ‘The Dart Language’, released by Google itself. The syntax of Dart is clean and incredibly powerful to facilitate and encourage strong application architecture and design. Using Dart, both the frontend and backend can be handled in a single codebase.

    2. Ease of Learning

    Another important reason for Flutter getting popularity is it’s easy to learn methodology. If you love coding and want an efficient code compiler to run your app, Flutter is the answer. Excellent documentation and a large number of high-quality examples are available for reference to help those people who want to start with it.

    3. Community Support

    Another important reason for Flutter being popular is it has a huge community worldwide because of which developers can get live help online in case it gets stuck at any point. This community enables developers to learn more and more about it and enhance their knowledge.

    4. IDEs

    A number of Integrated Development Environments are available for coding with Flutter like Android Studio, Visual Code IntelliJ, etc. Developers do not need to switch IDE in order to start with it.

    5. Single Code for Multiple Platforms

    With Flutter, there is no need to create two separate applications for ios and android. it allows developers to build only one code base to run the application on different platforms. On top of that, the way it handles the UI part to meet iOS and Android standards is a no match. It would be very hard to identify if the app is built in native technologies like Swift/ Kotlin or the one built with it.

    It is very important to choose a proper technology to build your mobile application as a lot of options are available. However, if you want to develop a Flutter application, or hire a Flutter developer then do contact us.