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    The significance of mobile applications in today’s world is prominent. The application stores are choke – packed with a huge number of mobile applications.

    Looking at the current scenario, it seems every second businessman is planning to create a new mobile application. However, only building a mobile application is not enough to achieve the required results. In fact, your application must reach your targeted audience to fulfill the predefined set of goals. 

    Here comes the biggest headache: –

    How to achieve a higher application ranking in the search results of an application store?

    The solution to this problem gives rise to a term called ASO (App Store Optimization). 

    We will take a detailed tour of this solution, meanwhile, if you need assistance from the best App store optimization professionals to take your application towards the path of success, you can hire our team anytime.

    What is the App Store Optimization

    What is App Store Optimization - Indylogix Solutions

    “ASO refers to the set of actions you are taking to achieve a higher application ranking in the search pages of application stores.“

    It is a continuous process that focuses on enhancing your application’s ranking and findability within the application stores. 

    ASO increases your application visibility which leads to enhanced traffic to your application store page and finally, increases the number of your application downloads.

    Importance of App Store Optimization

    With the presence of 2.7 million apps on Google play store and 1.82 million apps on Apple’s application store, the possibilities of your app getting lost in the crowd are very high. 

    Taking necessary actions to ensure your application reaches a significant number of your potential customers becomes highly crucial in the scenario. 

    If you are not taking ASO seriously and not putting efforts to boost your application’s search ranking, you are probably wasting your time and money in planning and creating the application.

    Major Benefits of App Store Optimization - Indylogix Solutions

    Taking good care of an application’s ASO can avail you of numerous advantages. A few of them are given as under

    • ASO increases your profits and revenues
      ASO rewards your website with a significant number of extra downloads. This will eventually add big numbers to your profits as well as revenues.
    • ASO connects your application with potential users
      Your ASO efforts can link your application with more relevant users provided you are making optimized use of your keywords.
    • ASO makes your application stable
      With all the extra downloads and revenues offered by ASO, your application gets rewarded with a more stable, prolonged future.

    Factors Influencing ASO - Indylogix Solutions

    The App store optimization of your application depends on many application factors. These factors can be divided into two categories namely primary and secondary. Let’s have a look at both of them

    1. Primary/Main Factors
      Primary or main factors are those factors that are in our control. These include
      • Title of your application 
      • Keywords included in the application name and description
    2. Secondary Factors
      Secondary factors are those factors over which we cannot have complete control. These include.
      • The number of your application downloads
      • The rating and reviews your application has received

    Relation Between Application Rating and Ranking

    App rating Vs App Ranking - Indylogix Solutions

    Here comes an obvious question:

    Does an application with good ratings also rank good in the search results?

    And the answer to this question is YES. As per a survey, an application with good ratings also ranks good in the search results of application stores.

    7 Effective Tips to Improve Your Application Store Optimization

    1. Review Your Title

    The first and foremost thing you need to think carefully about is the title of your app. Your application title should be such that it defines the purpose of your application to the searchers. 

    A well-thought, relevant title is very helpful in enhancing the rankings of your application. 

    Hence, don’t make any compromises in selecting your application’s title and take sufficient time to decide on a title that is exceptional, explanatory, and keyword-rich. Try including the main keyword in your application title if possible. 

    Google play store and Apple’s application store handle titles in completely different ways. Hence, make sure to draft your titles accordingly.

    2. Treat Your Keywords with Care

    Just like SEO, keywords are a crucial element of your Application store optimization as well. Your application title and description should have an adequate number of keyword occurrences. However, you have to be very careful while doing the same as too much keyword stuffing may lead to adverse results instead of positive ones. 

    3. Have a Glance at Your Description

    Next comes your application description. 

    Your application description should be clear, effective and should contain the most important information such as what purpose your application fulfills, in what manner your application is going to help the users, what are the main benefits of using your application, and likewise.

    Your application description should be relevant to what your audience is seeking. It should look approachable and stimulate searchers to download and utilize it.

    4. Revise the Quality of Your Screenshots

    The screenshots play a very important role in influencing a searcher to download your application. 

    Emphasize the most interesting parts of your application while using the screenshots. Plenty of powerful tools including Figma, MockUPhone, AppLaunchPad, etc. are available in the market that may help you create great screenshots. 

    5. Leverage the Reviews

    Your application’s ratings and reviews from your existing users can make big differences to your Application Store Optimization. 

    Try to get as many positive reviews as you can from your application users. 

    There are many ways to achieve this. You can either send push notifications to your existing users requesting them to review your application. You can also display a popup notification in front of your users asking them to review your application and so on.

    6. Keyword Research for Application Store Optimization

    Of course, keyword injection is important to accomplish effective ASO, however, performing adequate keyword research before adding them to your content is vital too. Make sure to spend some time researching the optimum and result-drawing keywords before coming up with your title and description. 

    7. Select an Appropriate Category for Your Application

    No matter you are uploading your application to Google play store or Apple’s application store, choosing a proper and relevant category to upload your application is highly important. 

    Placing your application in the wrong category may hinder the ways your application reaches the target audience. 

    You may sometimes feel your application fits more than one category, however, it is your duty to come up with the best solution to this problem before moving forward. 

    Take necessary actions to find your ways towards your success.

    Application Store Optimization V/S SEO – A Quick Comparison

    It’s a general belief that ASO is nothing more than SEO for mobile applications. However, the former is not completely true. 

    Of course, ASO and SEO have some resemblance in terms of the definition and characteristics, they do have differences too. Let’s discuss these differences in brief- AspectsASOSEO
    1DefinitionASO refers to the process of optimizing a mobile application’s ranking in the search pages of application stores.SEO refers to the process of optimizing a website’s ranking on the result pages of search engines.
    2AimThe main aim of ASO is to increase an application’s visibility to enhance the number of application downloads.The main aim here is to drive quantity traffic towards a website to increase its click-through rate.
    3TargetASO targets application stores including Apple’s app store, Google play store, Huawei AppGallery, etc. SEO targets a variety of search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on.
    4FactorsThe factors impacting ASO can be divided into two categories namely on-meta factors and off-meta factors
    On-meta factors include application title, description, screenshots, icons, videos, URL, and so on.
    Off-meta factors include downloads, ratings, and reviews. 
    The factors impacting SEO can again be divided into two categories namely off-page factors and on-page factors. 
    On-page factors include metadata, loading speed, content quality, heading tags, responsive design, and so on.
    Off-page factors include backlinks and traffic volume.
    5ResultThe result generation here takes a relatively lesser time and is a matter of only a few days or weeks. SEO takes more time to show the results. You have to be patient and wait for at least 3-4 months to start getting the desired results.


    ASO is important whether you have created a new application or want to improve the existing one and overlooking the same may lead to big losses in terms of both money as well as efforts.

    In addition to offering many significant benefits discussed above, it also helps you to enhance your brand exposure. 

    So guys, don’t just create an application, in fact, do proper care of its ASO as well.

    Contact us to get more assistance on how, when, and why!