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    Quick and secure application development has become a necessity of current times. It not only aids you to grab more customers but also ensures a safe corner for you in today’s competitive and adapting market. When we talk about finding a reliable solution to develop a coherent and intrinsic web application, one of the most conspicuous names that trigger in the mind is ‘Laravel framework’.

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    In this article, the aim is to introduce you to the meaning of Laravel, its features, need as well as the most prominent benefits of using it for application development. For your convenience, we have added frequently asked questions about Laravel in the last section. Let us begin with the introduction of Laravel.

    What is Laravel?

    Laravel is a renowned PHP framework that permits the easy and swift development of complex web applications. The framework was introduced by Taylor Otwell and has gained immense popularity over a short period of time.

    Laravel relieves developers from the overhead of drafting long lines of code and working for much longer hours to achieve the desired outcome.

    This is one of the most prominent reasons for its excessive popularity and preference among the developer community.

    Laravel has already been adopted by more than 30,000 developers across the globe.

    The framework offers rapid and vigorous development of a varied range of applications including business, media, entertainment, eCommerce, and so on.

    Its strong and elegant feature set together with a simpler syntax structure makes it one of the prime choices to develop quality web applications. No matter you want to develop a small scale website or a large scale enterprise application, Laravel serves as the best fit everywhere. 

    Laravel is open-source allowing anyone to utilize it without spending anything. The framework was first introduced in the year 2011 and since then it has introduced a lot of upgrades with innovative features.

    Laravel releases its upgraded version in almost every six months with great newer functionalities that make Laravel an even more powerful and feature-rich solution to develop web applications.

    Laravel has a prosperous massive developer community as well as a huge set of documentation to aid developers in accomplishing the best decision-making and practices.

    Prominent Features of Laravel Framework

    Laravel offers a huge range of impeccable and robust features that support the development of dynamic and faultless websites. Although the list is a long one, a few of these features are highlighted as under

    Template Engine

    Unique and appealing page design is one of the most important aspects to assure the success of a web application. Laravel provides a huge range of built-in templates that allow generating stunning page designs for both easy as well as complicated web applications.


    Artisan is a built-in command-line tool provided by Laravel. This tool aids developers to automate monotonous programming chores. No matter the developer wants to create skeleton code or wants to accomplish database migration, all can be achieved very easily with the help of artisan. Artisan also assists developers to generate their own commands and utilize them as and when they need it.

    MVC Architecture Support

    Laravel employs MVC architecture where M stands for Model, V stands for View and C stands for Controller. This architecture provides a range of pre-defined functionalities needed to draft exemplary web applications.

    Effective Migration System

    Laravel offers a well-secured migration process. It enables developers to modify the database without any need to put the bulk of their time and endeavors. Laravel uses PHP instead of SQL to accomplish effective database migration.

    Built-in Libraries

    Laravel provides a rich set of powerful built-in libraries that has not been provided by any other PHP framework so far. One very popular and powerful of these libraries is the authentication library. This library comprises various strong features and makes the tasks of password reset, Bcrypt hashing, CRF protection, and so on quite easier.


    Laravel follows a modular programming approach and allows developers to create underlying web applications using an independent set of modules. The use of these modules makes the development code simpler to draft and easier to test. This way it frees the developers to develop complex web applications in an easy manner.

    Laravel Significance

    PHP, we all know, is one of the most eminent and widely used programming languages to develop web applications and has already been used to develop more than 20 million websites.

    However, unfortunately, the language had some limitations and was not able to deal with the unwieldy and intricate functionalities of a website. Performing these kinds of functionalities with PHP was a tough chore requiring high amounts of time as well as coding efforts. This is where Laravel came into existence. 

    The introduction of the Laravel framework changed the development of complicated and time-consuming functionalities into a breeze. It made the development of complicated web applications easier, speedier, and superior up to a great level.

    Development Benefits of Laravel Framework

    Laravel has already been utilized to develop more than 3,00,000 websites so far and the numbers are still rising. All the credit behind its excessive popularity and usage goes to a huge set of astonishing advantages Laravel has to offer. Let us have a brief on the list.

    1. Laravel ensures a better user experience:-

    Laravel promotes the development of modest applications that can be easily understood by varied groups of individuals despite their region and language differences. This ensures a better user experience and secures more traffic for the website.

    2. Laravel has extensive community support:-

    Laravel is a free and open-source framework. It can be used by anyone and everyone from all over the world. Due to this Laravel has gained a strong pool of developer communities across the globe. This community proves to be a great help for new and less experienced developers who want to learn more in a short span of time and adopt the best development practices in the long run.

    3. Laravel eases your testing overhead:-

    Testing is a crucial phase of the software development life cycle and any risk with the testing aspect may lead to huge casualties for both developers as well as product owners. Laravel provides extensive support to accomplish your testing tasks simply yet effectively. With Laravel, the dependency on third-party tools to perform your testing job efficiently is no more required.

    4. Laravel offers an extensive set of powerful in-built libraries:-

    The responsiveness, scalability, and user-friendliness of a website is a must factor to assure the success of a website in today’s competitive landscape. Laravel provides a huge set of built-in libraries that take very good care of the responsive and scalability aspects of your website and enable you to create highly adaptive, high-quality web solutions.

    5. Laravel provides easy and fast application development:-

    Laravel provides plenty of built-in functions and structures to assist developers in creating impeccable web applications in the least possible time. The framework eliminates the need to write long lines of code from the development process. This ultimately eases the job of developers and speeds up the development process to a great level.

    6. Laravel strengthens the security of applications:-

    Looking at the number of hacking attacks occurring in the present times, the security of the applications has become the top concern for one and all associated with the website.

    It is bounding website owners to think more about the security aspect while planning to develop a web application. Laravel offers a simple yet effective way to embed powerful authentication with the website and protect the website from any kind of unauthorized access. This encourages the development of highly secured applications with negligible flaws and minimal security hassles.

    7. Laravel boosts the application performance:-

    Ensuring satisfactory application performance is as important as creating the application itself. Laravel supports many prominent cache backends together with Memcached and Redis and guarantees an out-of-box performance of your web applications.

    8. Laravel saves the time of developers:-

    Laravel allows developers to save a significant amount of their time they generally spend on designing and maintaining the structure of their website. This way they are free to concentrate more on the functionality area and enhance the quality of their website.

    Popular Websites Using the Laravel PHP Framework

    As I have already mentioned, Laravel has already been used to develop an extensive number of websites so far. Here I am providing a list of the most popular websites developed using the Laravel PHP framework. Here we go


    Alpha coder is all about bringing great content creators and their fans together in one place. The website presents great designs together with flawless functionalities. Alpha coder is an example of an impressive corporate model developed using Laravel and is gaining extensive traffic from all over the world.


    Alison is an educational website that allows you to select your preferred course from a range of the types and categories provided. The amazing designs and faultless functionalities offered by the website are enough to attract students from a varied range of nations. The website has already acquired more than 10 million students across several nations.


    Laracasts is a prominent website that aids developers to learn programming in a comfortable and efficient manner. The website provides various levels of learning courses together with beginning and expert levels. It also allows developers to post their queries and confusions and get answers from skilled people.


    Fox47.com is a news website covering various topics including sports, entertainment, weather, and so on. The website is developed using amazing layouts and functionalities required to gain instant attention from the visitors.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Laravel

    1. What are the prominent benefits of using the Laravel PHP framework for development?

    Laravel offers many significant benefits capable of bounding one and all to use it for developing their next application. These advantages include the following

    • Faster application development
    • Reduced testing overhead
    • Rich set of built-in libraries
    • Availability of amazing built-in design templates
    • Great community support 
    • Modular programming approach and so on

    2. What kind of applications can be built using Laravel PHP framework?

    Laravel framework can be easily used to develop a variety of applications including eCommerce applications, payment gateways, news sites, booking services, business websites, project management apps and so on. 

    3. Can Laravel be used for big, enterprise level projects?

    Laravel can surely prove to be a best fit to develop big, enterprise level applications provided you are employing the right development practises to maintain the quality and effectiveness of the application.

    4. What do you mean by an eCommerce package in Laravel?

    A Laravel eCommerce package provides all the basic features necessary to create dynamic and fully-functional online stores. You can use these packages to convert the development of complex and intricate eCommerce applications into an easy and time effective chore. 

    5. Can you name a few of the best eCommerce packages feasible to generate quality eCommerce applications?

    Laravel offers several prominent eCommerce packages including Bagisto, Amio, Avored to develop feature-rich eCommerce applications. These packages provide a variety of powerful features needed to accomplish easy and swift development of top quality eCommerce applications.

    6. What is the difference between WordPress and Laravel?

    WordPress is a ready-made content management system that promotes easy and quick development of web applications just by performing a little number of efforts. Laravel, on the other hand is a framework that offers a reliable and well-organised way to create high-end web solutions. 

    7. Can you migrate an existing PHP application into Laravel?

    Yes, an existing PHP application can be successfully migrated into Laravel.

    8. What is the latest version of Laravel in the market?

    The latest version of Laravel in the market is Laravel 8.0 which was released on 8 september 2020.

    9. Can you name a few IDEs supported by Laravel?

    Sublime text, Atom, Netbeans are a few of the prominent IDEs supported by Laravel.


    The selection of an appropriate development framework is important while planning to develop a high-quality web application. Any negligence in the same can lead to huge losses for the business and its revenues.
    If you are looking for a reliable solution to develop cost-effective and time-effective web applications along with a powerful set of features and designs, you should definitely Hire Laravel Developer once. Looking at the reviews, ranking, and popularity of Laravel over the last few years, we can assume that the results are going to be amazing for sure. Indylogix is one of the top laravel development company at reasonable prices to proceed further. Let us begin the conversation asap!