Why Laravel Is The Most Preferable Framework For Website Development
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    A number of platforms are available today to start a new web development project on the PHP framework. Although, all of them have their own set of features and functionalities, WordPress and Laravel are the two that are mostly chosen by the clients as well as the development teams for the development of web applications. 

    Here in this article, we are going to understand the Laravel framework in detail and highlighting some of the unique and important features that make Laravel different from the others. Let us start with a brief introduction of Laravel

    Laravel – The Introduction

    Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that has recently gained a huge popularity among the PHP developers. This framework owns a powerful and smart syntax that ultimately contributes to the rapid and smooth development of web applications. This framework makes the life of developers easy by providing ways to complete the primary tasks like routing, authentication, caching, and sessions very smoothly. This platform offers a very powerful set of features that ease the overall development process to a great extent due to which it has gained a huge community support across the globe.

    Main Features Of Laravel That Make It The Best PHP Framework

    Laravel framework possesses a unique set of powerful features that hold the whole credit behind its popularity. These important features of the framework can be seen as under

    Object-Oriented Libraries

    Laravel is the PHP framework that offers Object Oriented libraries and other stuff that is not offered by any other PHP frameworks like Symphony and Code Igniter. For instance, the Authentication library is a pre-installed library that has a number of exceptional features like observing active users, Bcrypt hashing, resetting the password, CSRF protection, and encryption.


    Security is one of the most important reasons to choose the Laravel framework over others as it provides that level of security parameters which is not provided by any other PHP framework. However, as no framework is fully secure against online dangers, it entirely depends on a Laravel developer how it formulates the code and its overall structure.

    The CSRF tokens offered by Laravel take good care of the security perspectives associated with a project. These tokens verify every request on the POST and keep a keen eye on the same to ensure that no one is changing POST to GET the request that eventually aids in enhancing its security.


    Laravel framework provides a powerful command-line tool named Artisan. This tool permits developers to automate the maximum of tiresome recurrent programming tasks. Artisans can also be employed to build the structure of a database, framing a code, and handle migration. Moreover, it can also create primary MVC files by the command-line and helps in controlling them as well as their corresponding configurations. Artisan also allows developers to build their own commands and make use of them as and when needed.


    Laravel obeys MVC architecture pattern that assures the detachment of business logic and presentation layers. The MVC pattern of Laravel includes a number of built-in functions that aid developers in doing their job in a better way. It also assists in raising the performance of the application and ensures better security.

    Well, being an amazing feature, it makes things easier for developers to write the code and execute it. You need to hire a Laravel Developer to implement this feature.

    MVC Support

    Laravel obeys MVC architecture pattern that assures the detachment of business logic and presentation layers. The MVC pattern of Laravel includes a number of built-in functions that aid developers in doing their job in a better way. It also assists in raising the performance of the application and ensures better security.

    Template Engine

    Laravel framework provides several built-in lightweight templates that can aid in creating beautiful designs by combining powerful content. It also offers a number of widgets containing CSS and JS code with powerful structures. These templates assist in designing both easy as well as complex pages with ease.

    Responsable Interface

    Responsable interface enables developers to transform objects into an HTTP response. To achieve this, the toResponse() method needs to be implemented by a responsable object and this method then needs to be invoked by the framework Router.

    Authorization Techniques

    Laravel offers an easy way to authorize user actions upon a resource. Laravel utilizes an easy and simple method for authorization and there are two primary ways of achieving this which include gates and policies. Gates and policies behave like routes and controllers. Where gates proffer a simplistic and conclusive based strategy to authorization, policies behave like controllers and gather their logic surrounding a specific model or resource. However, there is no need to make an exclusive choice between gates and policies while developing an application as most of the apps are likely to include a combination of gates and policies, which is absolutely fine.

    Database Migration

    Laravel offers a database migration system that aids to extend the web application database structure without the need to recreate it whenever changes are made to the code. This features aids in significantly minimizing the possibility of losing critical data. Moreover to it, it facilitates changing the database structure by making use of PHP code rather than SQL. Laravel Structure Builder aids in creating database tables very easily and inserting the columns immediately.

    Automatic Package Discovery

    Installing packaged was not that simple in Laravel before the introduction of its 5.5 version which came with a new feature called Automatic Package Discovery to make the job easy. This feature of the Laravel framework is intelligent enough to automatically recognize the packaged that needs to be installed. This provides ease for the developers to install the necessary packages. However, it is also possible to disable the Automatic Package Discovery feature whenever it is not required.



    The above-mentioned features can be seen as the main reasons behind the increasing popularity of this framework in the developer community. The use of this framework can aid you in preserving your precious time and effort to a great extent. 

    If you have still not tried this amazing framework,  Hire Laravel developer for your next project and contact us to get the best assistance in the same!