Making customers happy by supplying satisfactory customer services is one of the most important aspects of operating a prolific online business. But handling the queries, 

concerns and difficulties of the customers is a tedious chore as the possibility of getting repeated questions from the customers’ side is very high. 

Most businesses generally have a predefined set of questions that they have to come across on a consistent basis. Hence, attaching a WordPress FAQ plugin to your website is the easiest way to deal with the situation. 

FAQ – An Introduction

Being a business owner, you must have seen a number of questions regarding the services offered by you, the pricing of your products/services, and a lot more coming frequently from the customer’s side. These set of common questions are called FAQ, 

Importance of FAQs

Ensuring that your customers are getting enough information about your products and services and all their questions are answered properly and timely is an important part of high-quality customer service. However, providing answers to each and every question manually can be very time-consuming and a tiresome job. This is where the FAQ section comes into existence.

The FAQ section provides the simplest way to tackle the situation by answering all the customer queries at once and improving the customer’s experience without taking much of your precious time. This is a dedicated section on your website where visitors can find the answers to all their questions related to your business without much trouble.

Advantages Offered by the FAQ Section Present in a Website

  • Visitors can get the information as and when they want without the need to wait for a reply from your side.
  • It allows you to utilize your time in other chores rather than replying to the emails of your visitors in order to provide them with the answers to their questions.
  • Adding FAQs also helps in increasing the search engine visibility of your website.
  • It also provides you the chance to generate trust among the visitors by making use of such a powerful content that describes your expertise in an appealing way. 
  • It gives you the opportunity to revise your content immediately whenever any changes relevant to the costs and services etc. are introduced to the company.

The Most Recommended WordPress FAQ Plugins

Undoubtedly, the above explanation can make you decide to attach FAQs to your website. Now, the question arises is how to do it.

One alternative to achieve this is to create a regular webpage, the same way you create for about or contact page. This method may be simple and easy but at the same time it is outdated and boring as well. Another available option is making use of a WordPress FAQ plugin which is much more effective than the prior. The use of plugins allows you to organize questions by category and use distinct display styles which may not be possible by using WordPress page editors solely. FAQ plugins can also make your page more appealing and functional. 

Although a number of WordPress plugins are available today which are simple and easy to use, many factors including responsiveness, customization options, the available layouts, etc. need to be considered while making a choice. 

Below is given a list of the top FAQ plugins that are used more frequently

WP Responsive FAQ

Having responsive websites and mobile-friendly plugins is essential at the present date where smartphones and tablet devices are used doubled as compared to the desktops for accessing the internet. WP Responsive FAQ is one of the most popular FAQ plugins that ensures that the FAQ page created fits well across varied screen sizes and devices. The main features include

  • The availability of read and show more or less buttons
  • Responsive designs
  • More than 15 accordion-style layouts
  • Drag and drop order change
  • Custom CSS editor
  • Grid layout option
  • A number of color design templates

Heroic FAQs

Heroic FAQs is another excellent tool that proffers outstanding features and facilities for creating an FAQ page with an extremely instinctive back end interface. This plugin allows you to choose between five distinct display styles. You can then drag the portions of your FAQ page to organize them as you like.  It also allows you to add valuable media content, like images and videos. The main features include

  • Animations
  • A distinct icon selection
  • Premium care

Arconix FAQ

Acronix incorporates a shortcode generator that aids you with easy, ready-made styles to design your FAQ page. It also provides the facility to generate groups or independently section off every question. If you’re looking to answer a set of questions in a swift and compact manner then Arconix may be the right choice for you. The main features include

  • Accordion box display styles
  • FAQ grouping by tags
  • Return to Top button

Genesis Simple FAQ

This plugin allows you to swiftly and easily handle a group of questions by making use of its shortcode system. When you install and activate this plugin, it provides you the option of attaching an FAQ section nearly everywhere on your WordPress site, comprising posts, pages, and sidebar widget areas. The main features include

  • Expandable answers 
  • FAQ classifications
  • Shortcode system for presenting questions and answers
  • Utilization of the simple WordPress editing interface

HTML5 Responsive FAQ

The HTML Responsive FAQ plugin allows you to develop an FAQ page that can fit to a device of any screen size or resolution. It also permits you swiftly and efficiently to customize the appearance, size, color, and design of your questions. This plugin is absolutely free to use.

The main features include

  • Accordion-style layouts
  • Shortcode system
  • Personalized classification titles
  • Custom sorting options

Accordion FAQ

Accordion structures allow you to include a large number of questions and answers without making the page look congested. Users need to simply scroll to the question they’re looking for and they can easily expand the answer for the desirable question. If you’re looking for a no-hassle yet adaptable and great FAQ plugin, Accordion FAQ is surely the one you should think of. The main features include

  • Various FAQ accordion layouts
  • FAQ listings with shortcodes
  • Numerous color templates
  • Font Awesome icons
  • A FAQ layout builder with drag and drop facility

Final Words

Above is a list of top FAQ plugins that can be used to attach FAQs effectively to your website and improve the overall customer service experience. However, one more way to supply a strong customer service and user experience (UX) is to maintain your site properly and keep it up-to-date. 

If you are looking for the services that can help your website to operate smoothly and provide the best possible customer services, Indylogix is the right point to contact!