Looking to create an online store using WordPress?

Then you must have heard the term ‘WooCommerce’ and may be wondering what exactly is WooCommerce and whether you should proceed with it or not. Stop worrying anymore as this article will introduce you to none other than ‘WooCommerce’ and will aid you in making the right decision. 

We are commencing with the introduction of ‘WooCommerce’. Make sure you read the article from top to bottom to get the most out of it, meanwhile, you can contact us straight away if you looking to hire the best WordPress developers in the industry.

WooCommerce – A Brief Introduction

WooCommerce, a frequently heard term in the world of information technology, is the WordPress plugin that has made it super easy for developers to convert their WordPress website into an online store. The most important thing about the plugin that is pulling more and more developers into it is it is free of cost thus making it feasible to create eCommerce stores with low budgets. 

What exactly does WooCommerce do?

Basically, WooCommerce permits one and all to start an online shop and sell everything right from the tangible products to the digital ones. Additionally, a large number of extensions are available from which you can pick in order to customize and attach additional features to your site, such as composite products, subscriptions, or even dynamic pricing.

WooCommerce is an amazingly talented plugin that provides a ton of options to the business owners to establish their online stores. The plugin provides an ease to the business owners to construct their websites in such a way they get easily fit to their needs as well as comfortably reach to the customers that may be interested in the products provided by them. Moreover, there is a free WooCommerce SEO plugin available that makes the connectivity with people even more easier.

Well, this is a general introduction about it, however, some of you may not be aware and might be thinking – what exactly is WordPress by the way? For your comfort let us discuss that also in brief

WordPress – A Brief Introduction

WordPress is one of the most famous and frequently used content management systems at the present date that enables developers to create efficient websites/websites in no time by making use of ready-made free as well as paid themes and plugins. These themes and plugins enable developers to incorporate additional functionalities to their websites without doing much endeavors. WooCommerce is one of such plugins offered by WordPress that allow developers to easily convert their WordPress website into a fully functional online store. 

Now, let us move back to the main topic of this article and discuss why you should go for WooCommerce.

Why WooCommerce

  • The plugin is entirely open-source that enables developers to modify anything as per their needs.
  • The plugin assists in selling anything from tangible products to digital downloads and subscriptions.
  • The plugin has a huge community support all over the world thus making it easy for the developers to get assistance whenever they get stuck at any point.
  • The plugin is designed such that it can easily work with your favorite themes.
  • WooCommerce operates on WordPress which is one of the most suitable platforms to perform SEO activities.
  • The plugin gets updated on a consistent basis to accomplish possible bugs fixes, incorporate new features, and improve performance. This adds on to the better security of the websites.
  • The plugin supports a number of ways to receive payments from customers including credit cards, PayPal and cash on delivery, etc.
  • The plugin also provides facilities like order fulfillment as well as inventory tracking.

WooCommerce Extensions – A Brief Introduction 

Although WooCommerce provides a lot of outstanding functionalities, sometimes these functionalities may not be sufficient for you to cover up all your needs. This is where WooCommerce extensions come into existence. WooCommerce plugin extensions enable you to incorporate additional functionalities to your online store that are not provided by the typical WooCommerce plugin. An enormous number of the extensions are available to users of which more than 300 are available on woocommerce.com and more than 1000 are available on wordpress.org. The extensions are a combination of free as well as paid ones. Although the list is very long, here I am listing a few for your reference:

  • WooCommerce Mail Chimp
  • WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor
  • WooCommerce Product Filter
  • Facebook for WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Google Analytics
  • YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • WooCommerce Products Compare 
  • and the list keeps going.

Ideas to Optimize your WooCommerce Online Stores’ Performance and Generate More Sales

Undoubtedly, it can be a great platform for you to develop an effective eCommerce site, however, you are also required to put some efforts in order to achieve the best results. Here I am listing a few of the best ways that can aid you to come up with an optimized site that can ultimately aid you with enhanced sales and profits.

  • Keep a check on the size of your product images
  • Make sure to clean up your database regularly
  • Opt for a strong hosting provider
  • Make sure to keep your checkout process simplified
  • Keep a check on the speed of your website
  • Provide a product comparison feature
  • Opt for the most effective features and plugins
  • Make use of Content Delivery Network
  • Draft SEO friendly product titles
  • Create catchy meta descriptions
  • And so on.


WooCommerce is probably the first plugin likely to be downloaded by one and all planning to develop an online store in WordPress. The probable reasons for the same are – the long list of features it provides, free-pricing, great security as well as extendability. Moreover to this, a huge variety of available extensions can significantly contribute towards making your eCommerce store even more functional as well as appealing.

Hence, if you are planning to develop an eCommerce site in WordPress, trying this amazing WordPress plugin is highly recommended for you as this can aid you to create a pleasing and feature-rich online store even with fixed time and budget constraints. You can also get in touch with our experienced WordPress developers to know more about the plugin and leverage it to the fullest!