Why WordPress is the Most Used CMS Platform Worldwide

If you Never Tried WordPress, You Will Be Amazed How Easier Web Development Can be

In today’s technology-orientated world every sales aspect depends heavily on its web presence. The demand for quality websites is high and WordPress is the platform that is answering all the important questions. You might ask why exactly WordPress or what can you do with WordPress?

WordPress’s share of the CMS market worldwide is 50-60%, which makes it the most popular CMS by far as 17 posts are published every second. This should serve as proof that the WordPress platform is worth at a try.

Since we are aware how important using WordPress is, we’ve gathered a list of twelve benefits you should definitely know about. This list of benefits will answer all the most popular questions and doubts that arise when thinking about WordPress and will probably show you the best of it.

Benefits of WordPress

1.   WordPress is Easy to Use and Learn

You will never be more convinced how easy the usage of WordPress is unless you try it. Posting content, whether text or visual requires no programming skills at all! The web interface is well organized and everybody should be able to understand the basics for just a couple of hours. Not to mention that if you get someone to explain you the core functions, you will need not more than an hour.

WordPress brought to web development to a whole new “domestic” level. One may say that it is the same as using MS Word. It is definitely the easiest tool to post and maintain content on the web!

2.   WordPress is Extendable by Using Themes and Plugins

The basic WordPress layout is not going to be enough for any serious web developer. This is where thousands of themes and plugins come to help. Your website can do wonders fairly easy – with just a couple of clicks!

Because of the enormous number of offered themes and plugins, here are no boundaries for your pages. You can spread your imagination and replicate almost any idea that you have!

3.     WordPress is Search Engine Friendly

Quality Search Engine Optimization is needed so that more future users get to know your website. It is known that Google indexes HTML code and the content in it the most. Well, hand-written code is not the only option for excellent SEO.

WordPress websites are also crawled and indexed by Google, and with the right set up you are able to reach a first page place, which is not always possible with any of the other CMS platforms.

4.     WordPress is Easy To Manage

Even if you build the best website ever, it will need maintenance in order to keep the level high. A fully functioning website, even if made in WordPress needs “care” like for example updating. The good thing with the most popular CMS out there is that it is supplied with a built-in updater that serves for security functions.

Outside of security purposes, WordPress notifies us when our themes and plugins need to be updated. That way we can be sure, that our website will be always both secured and recent, without any unnecessary worries.

5.   WordPress is Safe and Secure

Security is one of the most important topics these years and for a reason. Every customer wants to feel safe and sound when browsing or using a service over the web.

In the past, it has been known that WordPress is kind of vulnerable via its plugins…Hopefully, these days are over and if you have the needed knowledge or right people your WordPress site can be hacker-proof as any other website.

6.   WordPress is Fully customizable

WordPress is entirely customizable which means that you can make a custom design for every website. This design flexibility is vital as nobody wants to make similar to the competition pages. You can easily apply a particular layout or color theme to every single page if this is needed.

With WordPress, diverse design can be accomplished comfortably and this will attract the users’ attention!

7.   WordPress is Regularly updated

Updates are pretty important for your website in two directions, first that you are up with all the latest tech trends and also for security reasons. It is always a good idea to be up to date!

As any other part of software, your WordPress plugins need to be updated in order to run smoothly and offer the best user experience. Security has definitely improved recently and auto-updates are also responsible for that good outcome. Many hosting companies offer Managed WordPress Hosting services which will make your life easier, so check them as well.

8.   WordPress Can Handle Different Media Types

Media is the future of web content and we’ve covered this topic in many articles. Including visual and audio elements is more appealing to the users and every website owner should take note of that fact!

WordPress handles different media types, including audio, images or video like a charm. It is a piece of cake to upload multimedia files into a post or page, but the good news doesn’t stop here. In WordPress’ Media Library Screen you are even able to edit multimedia if some changes need to be made.

9.   WordPress No additional software required

WordPress can be accessed worldwide from every computer with internet access. There is no need for any additional software as you enter in the system through the browser. No firewall changes, that are sometimes a pain in the neck, are required.

10.  WordPress Allows For Multiple Users

For those who work in teams, using WordPress will be perfect, because it is possible to add a designated role for every member. The list of different roles includes a super admin, administrator, editor, author, contributor, and subscriber and every role has different access to the settings and content of the website.

11.  WordPress Strong Community Support

Since its release fourteen years ago( May 27th, 2003), WordPress has grown enormously as 50.000 WordPress sites are launched daily. The community is huge, friendly and tons of people are always ready to help…so whenever a problem occurs the answer might be just a click away.

The WordPress Forums are massive and you can troubleshoot any technical issue or solve any doubt without the use of hiring a technician.

12.  What ways to use WordPress?

There are hundreds of good website usage approaches that could be achieved with WordPress out there. The positive examples are millions but these are the most common ways to use the platform.

  • Personal Blog/ Event site

There is a number of users that created their personal blog with WordPress. It is a piece of cake to create posts and maintain them. You can create an event website and publish information about past and future performances, competitions, or matches…whatever suits you.

  • Gallery/ Portfolio

Every artist should have a website showcasing their work. You can turn your WordPress website into a online portfolio so that your fans can always reach your work.

  • Shopping Store

With WordPress, you can make use of some of the most popular eCommerce platforms and comfortably bring profit to your business. You can easily install plugins like WooComerce, Shopp or WP eCommerce and turn your website into a real online shop!

  • Video Collection Site

Video content is the future and creating a video collection website can always attract customers from a specific field if done right. YouTube is far ahead but the market is opened to everybody!

  • Membership Site

Another valuable use of WordPress is for a membership service site. By designing a privileged membership website you will eventually grow a loyal base of customers. Offering exclusive content to your members will provide supplementary revenue that is always welcome!

  • Business website

Whatever your field of work is, nowadays every business needs a quality web presence to attract customers. This is how our thinking has evolved and internet is part of it.

  • Landing page/ Sales page

A landing page is a great way to allure future customers before the actual product is launched.

  • Online magazine

People are buying less and less paper products like magazines or newspapers and thus the popularity of online magazines is increasing. This is no coincidence! Try it out!

  • News site/ Press release site

The modern man wants to know any important news as soon as possible and news websites are visited constantly. We all do, right?

  • Resume / CV site

A good practice for web designers is to create a resume website and use it as their CV. That way you can both share the needed information and show off your artistic and technical skills. Perfect combination!

Other good WordPress usages include:

  • Review site
  • Rating Website
  • Arcade
  • Content Management System (CMS)

If you ever had any doubts if WordPress is worth a try, we bet that with all those benefits we mentioned, it will be next thing you will use for web development. Why making it the hard way, when the easier one is already available?