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Delivering Wordpress

Development Solutions

As a niche-leading custom WordPress development company, we, the IndyLogix Solutions, have 10+ years of experience in custom WordPress website development services. Multiple businesses and enterprises from distinct vertical arenas have availed of our WordPress services to derive astounding success. And this has been made possible by our team of WordPress developers.

At IndyLogix Solutions, we have an in-house team of WordPress developers who have proven their mettle in the custom WordPress website development services and have developed some of the chart-busting solutions. Our development team keeps their tabs open on WordPress version releases and community updates to have the best of the website development platform knowledge and awareness. This enables us to stray ahead of the competition by providing features-laden and optimized WordPress solutions to help us earn the tag of “the best WordPress Website Development Company in India”.

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Perks of Choosing Wordpress for
Website Development?

Simple and Convenient

Unlike other website development platforms, WordPress is relatively easy and convenient. It has a dashboard with distinct customizing options, which allows developing a robust website in a reduced development time without encountering the hassles of different programming languages.

Simple and Convenient


What's the reason behind WordPress's popularity as the go-to CMS for SEO? It tick-checks all the checkboxes for developing an SEO-friendly website. With WordPress, developers can utilize an SEO-friendly theme to develop a website and use WordPress to create permalinks, manage metadata, and optimize content and media.



When the website's content grows, the database increases, and it can sometimes adversely affect the website's performance. But, with WordPress, lurched performance is a myth. WordPress has the appropriate infrastructure, resources, and more, making it highly scalable. A WordPress-enabled website can handle significant inbound traffic, requests, and queries without experiencing downtime.



WordPress themes can be easily customized. It allows the user to access and control the various aspects of the website, including the design, accessibility, security protocols, and more, and customize the website according to the requirements and specifications.


Content and Media Management

As WordPress is a dedicated content management system, it allows the developer to add, maintain, modify, or remove the content/media of the website without having to rely on a web developer/content manager.

Effective Branding Tool

Third-party Integration

WordPress provides flexibility and feasibility to the developer to integrate third-party API's into the website, which allows for the seamless exchange of data between the website and other third-party platforms.

Third-party Integration

Community Support

Another reason WordPress is the primary choice for website development is its community support. WordPress has highly involved contributors in the community, helping resolve complex issues in a reduced turnaround time.

Community Support

Improved Security

WordPress prioritizes the security of user data and the website and hosts reliable and security protocol compliant plugins, which helps to thwart brute force attacks and malware.

Improved Security
Our Merit

Custom WordPress Website

Development Services

01WordPress Project Consultation

So, before the client decides to work with us and opts for our custom WordPress website development services, we provide scrupulous consulting. We leverage our extensive domain knowledge and technical expertise to recommend actionable steps, which ensures to make the project idea more dynamic.

02WordPress CMS Development

As a WordPress website development company, we are a dab hand in multiple facets of WordPress, including Content Management System (CMS). We build custom and niche-specific CMS that ensures pan-platform consistency, streamlines the authoring process, and is optimized for search engine/mobile use, ensuring comprehensive platform management.

03eCommerce Development

Our developed solution comes second to none when it comes to eCommerce solution development. Our proficient developers are adept at designing, developing, and delivering impeccable eCommerce solutions destined for market growth and entailing success.

04Theme Customization

If your business idea stands apart from the competition, so should your customer-facing websites' front-end. As a WordPress website development company, we develop customized and immersive website themes that not only match the business's requisites but also expand the website's functionality and responsiveness.

05PSD To WordPress Conversion

Being appropriated as the leading custom WordPress website development company India, IndyLogix Solutions ace custom WordPress website development services, including PSD to WordPress conversion services. Our creative minds are adroit in converting your pixel-perfect PSD file to a fully-functional and optimum-performance rendering website that matches the original blueprint.

06Third-Party Integration Service

Does your website lack advanced features and functions? We are adept in end-to-end third-party integration services. We integrate secure, robust, and well-known APIs with the website, which extends the website’s cohesiveness and functionalities.

07Plug-in Development

As a WordPress website development company, we strive to add variety to our client's projects. And to achieve that, we provide tailored WordPress plugin development service. Our developers build and configure optimally performing and responsive plugins which helps to serve the business purpose.

08WordPress Migration Service

At IndyLogix Solutions, we provide hassle-free WordPress migration services. We feasibly and efficiently migrate the application to the WordPress platform or migrate the application from the previous WordPress version to the updated version without any data loss or security compromise.

09WordPress Maintenance & Support

Our worry-free and custom WordPress website development services include round-the-clock WordPress maintenance and support services. Post-product launch, we carry out the post-implementation review, product auditing, bugs and malfunction solving, and timely up-gradation, which provide a comprehensive solution to the product.


SEO Optimized WordPress Website
Aids Business With

01.01.Low Overhead Costs

Since WordPress is an open-source development platform, one can download and use the code available in WordPress Codex to add, manage, and modify the website which reduces the business overhead costs.

02.03.Advanced eCommerce Features

According to a survey, 26% of all online stores use WooCommerce (WordPress plugin) to do business. A personal business website can be converted into an online store using plugins like WP eCommerce.

03.05.Better User Experience

With infused fo SEO elements in the website at the time of development deliver a better user experience to visitors. They can easily nevigate and browse the website easily. It means the chances are higher to convert into clients.

04.02.Doesn't Bog Down The Company

Be it switching to other hosting service providers or having complete control of the website, WordPress acts as the one-stop solution. With it, businesses can have control of nearly every aspect of the website and can make changes.

05.04.Security and Reliability

WordPress frequently releases regular updates and security patches to make WordPress impregnable and fend off malware attacks and security vulnerabilities. Businesses can leverage third-party security plugins as well.

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Our Calibre

Why Choose Us for Custom WordPress
Website Development Services?

Seasoned Developers

As a custom WordPress website development company, we have a team of in-house certified WordPress developers adept at developing customized solutions for clientele spanning business and industry verticals.

We Serve Pan-Industries

Being a custom WordPress development company in India, IndyLogix Solutions' portfolio enlists clients from a multitude of industrial disciplines. We have collaborated and developed mutually satisfying solutions for our clients from the healthcare sector, media & entertainment sector, logistics & transport sector, and many more.

Flexible Engagement Model

From the determined engagement model to the fixed/unfixed price quote model to the dedicated team model, we, as a WordPress website development company, provide a productive and flexible engagement model to the clients which suit project requirements or business appropriation.

Confidentiality Agreements

When it comes to entering into a deal with other businesses, IndyLogix Solutions adheres to operating under a law binding framework. We sign a number of foundation-level confidentiality agreements, including NDA, and SLA, to uphold data authority and data confidentiality and establish transparency.

Agile Development Methodology

As a custom WordPress development company, we adhere to the Agile approach for project management and software development to deliver compact solutions within the stipulated time and with fewer headaches.

Effective Communication

Effective communication is an essential process in project development and is critical to the project's success. And so, as the leading WordPress website development company, we partake in an effective communication procedure which relays the correct information at the right time to the right stakeholders in the proper format, which enables creating the appropriate impact.

Delivery-Time Disciplined

A project isn't considered a success if it isn't built under an allowed and allocated time and delivery date. And to achieve the said, we employ industry best practices, Agile project development, technical expertise and domain knowledge to deliver the project on or before the promised delivery date.

On-Budget Development

One of the essential goals of project management is to avoid unnecessary cost overruns without compromising the quality of the deliverable. IndyLogix Solutions continuously monitors the project to avoid any budget discrepancy and escalation.

Post-Launch support

As a reliable WordPress website development company, our custom WordPress website development services do not keep any loose ends. Post-deployment, the concerned product teams carry out the post-implementation review, detecting and troubleshooting disruptions, regression testing, and more to enhance the performance and maintain viability.

Synergetic Flow


Pre-Project Consultation

Before the client selects us as the development partner, we provide professional pre-project consultation to understand the business's current operations, projects requirements and specifications, and project expectation, and perform brief knowledge transfer sessions to understand the project in and out and to deliver a market-worthy product at the end of the development life cycle.

Pre-Project Consultation

Project Feasibility Check

Next up is the project feasibility check phase. Here, the development team inspects the project idea and conducts in-depth and detailed competitor analysis & scope to determine the resource requirement and capture the user role.

Project Feasibility Check

Engagement Model Selection

After the feasibility check comes the engagement model selection. Our business analyst proposes the solution, the required time frame, and the approximate cost. The client validates the collaboration model, and the project's terms and conditions are finalized. Here, we also sign foundation-level confidentiality agreements to install bipartite trust.

Engagement Model Selection

Project Kick-Off

Without further ado, the concerned team gets along to develop the initial-level wireframe and prototypes orchestrating the end product. This phase helps in mitigating project development associated risks and streamlining developmental efforts.

Project Kick-Off

Project Coding

Here comes the actual product development part. The Project Manager, along with the development team, determines the project milestone and distributes the project into minute sub-projects with the ultimate aim to provide deliverables at the end of phases, sprints or iterations. Usually, this phase is time-consuming with a number of revisions.

Project Coding

Pre-Launch Testing

We strive to deliver flawless products as part of our custom WordPress website development services. To do so, we employ a comprehensive testing and quality analysis regimen to ensure bugs and vulnerabilities-free product.

Pre-Launch Testing

Product Launch

Once all the project milestones are achieved, now it’s time for the product to go live. The DevOps team lays out a perfect launch plan which promotes the product to the target audience while creating momentum and gaining industry recognition.

Product Launch

Post-Launch Services

Our custom WordPress website development services come with comprehensive post-launch maintenance and support services, including regular updates, security scanning, bugs and malfunction mitigation, patch-note release, etc., which ensures the product's optimum performance and functionality.

Post-Launch Services
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Quick Look

Agile Development

  • Discovery Phase

    The initial phase of Agile development in WordPress is the initial consultation with the custom WordPress development company. Here the WordPress development team understands the client's business goals and vision and performs knowledge transfer sessions with the client to have every concerned stakeholder, team, and developer on the same page.

  • Project Evaluation

    Next up is the correspondence phase. Here the WordPress development team performs competitor analysis and project feasibility & scope test to wholesomely evaluate the projects' idea and correspond to the client with a report of operational capability.

  • Solution Development

    After the wishlist of features and corresponding solutions is ready, the development team distributes the project into a smaller sub-project called phases/sprints/iteration. The development team develops the sub-project within fixed-time development cycles with the aim of providing working deliverables to the client.

  • Continuous Feedback

    There is a testing regimen coupled with the previous modules. But, to ensure an entry of flawless and defects-proof products into the production, the development team inculcates a comprehensive testing and quality analysis regimen to ensure streamlined development with reduced fault ratio, which helps in development in a reduced turnaround time.

  • Launch phase

    After all the testing and quality analysis are done, the end product is ready to go into production. The DevOps team maps out the deployment plan, and the development team adheres to it and uploads it to the prescribed platform and make the end-product available to its intended user. Simultaneously with the successful launch, the maintenance and support phase comes into play.

  • After-Launch Operations

    Once the product is made available to the customer, the development team provides maintenance and support to the product. The team evaluates the product on multiple parameters and reviews the performance to identify the product's highlights.


Coding Standards
for Wordpress Development

  • Safe & Secure
  • Consistent
  • Reliable
  • Testable
  • Reusable
  • Maintainable

Safe & Secure

Insecure coding practices impact the customer experience and private data and jeopardizes the company's image in the market.

As a trusted WordPress website development company, our developers imply safe & secure coding practices in product development that takes security consideration and encrypt data to withstand any malicious cyberattack.


Consistent coding is one of the main parameters of a good code. It ensures uniformity to the code even if the codebase grows.

So, whenever we develop a project, our developers employ consistent coding standards and guidelines, which helps maintain the code quality and security.


A reliable code is where a code can perform consistently without failure every time the code runs.

We at IndyLogix Solutions perform thorough code reviews and testing to make the code deliver desired results with the same inputs.


Writing testable code is a project development practice that helps verify data independently, which further helps make the code highly maintainable and adaptable to future modification without any adversity.

At IndyLogix Solutions, our development team asserts rigorous manual/automated unit/module testing to mitigate any instability or disruption in the code before it goes into the market implementation.


Reusable code can be precisely defined as a practice in which the existing code is utilized for a new function/software.

Following the reusable code principle, we at IndyLogix Solutions develop a codebase with high cohesion and low coupling, allowing our developers to build new and innovative products/software.


A high-quality, maintainable codebase means constructing a code that can be easily modified or extended without much exertion.

Our developers write pieces of code which are of utmost maintainability and thereof offers other significant impacts.

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We Serve

Website/Web Application = A must-have for modern business. It embraces all the prerequisites needed to simplify the business proceedings and achieve the objectives rapidly. And as a WordPress website development company, we cater to a global clientele. Clients spanning across verticals nod to our discipline-specific custom WordPress website development services. We work with sectors that include but are not limited to

E-commrce Indylogix

The Healthcare sector is undergoing major reorganization and adjustment to meet the inflating demand for improved healthcare facilities. Want a custom Healthcare website even to reach the last mile? As a custom WordPress development company, we can help you with it.

Banking & Finance
E-commrce Indylogix

Innovative web applications are augmenting the Banking & Finance sector's operations deriving cumulative benefits. Want a top-notch website to assist your Banking & Finance business transformation? Let our custom WordPress website development services do the trick for you.

Retail & eCommerce
E-commrce Indylogix

Online retail & eCommerce business has given a makeover to the traditional shopping experience and lets one shop anything, from anywhere, at any time. Want to give a vivid shopping experience to your customer? As a custom WordPress development company in India, we develop solutions that make shopping as easy as a stroll in the park.

Media & Entertainment
E-commrce Indylogix

The digital media & entertainment service has caused upheaval and revolution in its segment, and web applications are on the sector's cutting-edge. Does your binge-worthy content lacks an audience? Trust us with our custom WordPress website development services to keep your user-base hooked day in and out.

Education & eLearning
E-commrce Indylogix

Online education and eLearning have surpassed the barriers of time, space, and medium where the aspirant can access the global educational curriculum at their ease disposal. Each one teach one; do you want to be that one? Pair up with the most renowned WordPress website development company in India to make knowledge accessible.

Travel & Tourism
E-commrce Indylogix

In recent times, the travel & tourism business has grown leaps & bounds and continues to do so. Does your company lack a web application? Prominent travel & tourism businesses trust our custom WordPress website development services to deliver a memorable trip.

Logistics & Transport
E-commrce Indylogix

The digital realm is mushrooming, and the sector which can exploit this wave the most is the Logistics & Transport sector. Want to have a global audience as your user base? Let the top-ranked custom WordPress development company in India enable your business to go global.

Our Inspiration




  • We already have a website. Can you guys develop/update it?

    Sure, why not. We would appreciate the effort if given the opportunity.

    As a WordPress website development company, we aim to provide custom WordPress website development services that benefit the client. We offer comprehensive end-to-end as well as stand-alone services appropriate to business requirements.

    If it's an already developed website, the concerned development teams will skim through the code before creating/updating the website in a quicker turnaround time.

  • Does your custom WordPress website development services include post-launch support?

    Yes, it does! Being a leading WordPress website development company in India, IndyLogix Solutions provides comprehensive and custom WordPress website development services, including post-launch maintenance and support services.

    When we sign a foundational agreement, it includes pre-determined post-launch service based on the size and scope of the project. After that, we have a separate retainer agreement which allows post-launch maintenance and support for an extended duration for an additional nominal fee.

  • Being a WordPress website development company, what pricing models do you provide?

    At IndyLogix Solutions, we provide multiple engagement and pricing models to our clientele. Clients can hire our WordPress developers on an hourly/monthly/per-project basis or for a determined/undetermined price quote model. So, after the client validates the engagement model, we suggest a pricing model appropriate for the project execution and the client's budget.

  • What custom WordPress website development services do you provide? And which industries opt for your custom WordPress website development services?

    As a trustworthy WordPress website development company, IndyLogix Solutions provides the broadest range of custom WordPress website development services. Our spectrum of custom WordPress website development services includes:

    • WordPress Project Consultation
    • WordPress CMS Development
    • eCommerce Development
    • Theme Customization
    • PSD to WordPress
    • Third-Party Integration Services
    • Plug-In Development
    • WordPress Migration Service
    • WordPress Maintenance and Support Service

    And, also being the leading WordPress website development company in India, we collaborate with distinct business and industry verticals involving

    • Healthcare Sector
    • Banking & Finance Sector
    • Retail & eCommerce Sector
    • Media & Entertainment Sector
    • Education & eLearning Sector
    • Travel & Tourism Sector
    • Logistics & Transport Sector
  • How can we track our project's development? Will we get regular updates regarding the same?

    We assign a dedicated and reliable project delivery manager when clients opt for our custom WordPress website development services. They leverage our go-to project management tools, including Basecamp, Jira, Trello, etc., and other communication channels involving Skype, Email, etc., to establish effective communication with the client and update the client's whereabouts of the project.

    Also, the assigned business analyst will send detailed and easy-to-grasp reports and statistics to help the client formulate insight-driven decisions.

  • How much will it cost to develop a WordPress project?

    No two WordPress projects are alike, and so are their development costs. There are a number of factors deciding the WordPress project development costs. It includes

    • Domain Name Charges
    • Web Hosting Charges
    • Project Complexity & Project's Scope
    • Project Timeframe
    • Professional Resource Allocation
    • Themes and Plug-In Development
    • Maintenance and Support Costs, etc.
  • What will be our RoI if we hire you for custom WordPress website development services?

    No projects are alike, and the same goes with the RoI of any project. But as a matter of fact, our clients have gained over +110% increase in organic inbound traffic.

    WordPress project developed by our team ensure

    • Better SERPs Ranking
    • Increased Inbound Organic Traffic
    • Better Lead Generation
    • Improved Sales Statistics
    • Higher Return-To-The-Page Ratio
    • Brand Awareness Augmentation
  • How many WordPress developers can we hire from you?

    As a WordPress website development company, we do not set a prescribed limit on the number of WordPress developers clients can hire. However, before clients opt to hire our WordPress developers under custom WordPress website development services, we recommend a feasible number of WordPress developers for the project to ensure the project is developed within the stipulated budget and timeframe and without causing any project development time escalation or budget overrun.

  • What payment procedure does a WordPress website development company in India follow?

    There are numerous payment procedures followed by custom WordPress development companies in India, but at IndyLogix Solution, we adhere to a flexible payment procedure. We accept 50% of the project's cost before the project commences and the rest after the successful deployment of the project. This includes post-launch maintenance and supports up to a certain period depending on the project's scope and project complexity. After completing the period, we offer a service retainer agreement to allow the continuation of maintenance and support for an extended duration for an additional nominal fee.

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