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Increase Web Presence With Custom WordPress Development Services

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IndyLogix is the go-to custom WordPress development company for businesses and enterprises looking for unique WordPress website solutions. With over a decade of experience under our belt, we’ve helped clients from diverse verticals achieve phenomenal success with our custom WordPress development services. Our secret weapon? Our team of expert WordPress developers has proven their skills time and again by delivering top-notch solutions. We keep a close eye on the latest WordPress version releases and community updates to ensure we always have the latest knowledge and expertise to stay ahead of the competition.

With our top-of-the-line eCommerce solution development, your business is set to thrive like never before. Our skilled developers have mastered the art of crafting stunning eCommerce solutions that guarantee market success.

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Our Portfolio

Developed a Responsive WordPress Website for Australia's Top Digital Marketing Agency

IndyLogix designed and developed the website for the leading digital marketing agency with the aim of establishing an online presence, attracting a target audience, and converting them into customers.


Lead in First Month


Keywords in SERPs

Digital Marketing Agency Australia – Development, SEO & SMM - IndyLogix Portfolio

Our Portfolio

Create a Custom WordPress Website for an Australian Automation Gateway Company

IndyLogix developed a custom WordPress website for an Australian automation company, ensuring scalability, seamless navigation, and comprehensive content management for their growing business.


Rise in Lead Generation


Growth in Organic Traffic

Communication Technologies & System Integration - Website Development & SEO - IndyLogix Portfolio

Our Portfolio

Redeveloped WordPress-based Website for a US Fine Arts Gallery

Our WordPress development team redeveloped existing website for fine arts gallery to showcase their portfolio and attract more art enthusiasts (online and offline).


Increase in Gallery Visits


Improvement in Online Sales

Redeveloped WordPress Website

What We Do

WordPress CMS Development
WordPress CMS Development

Need a CMS for your business? Choose our WordPress CMS development services. At IndyLogix, we develop CMS that are safe, secure, platform consistent, and is search engine optimized.

Theme Customization
Theme Customization

Make a lasting impression on your audience with our theme customization services. Our WordPress development team develops customized & immersive themes that extend the website's functionality & responsiveness.

PSD To WordPress Conversion
PSD To WordPress Conversion

Transform your design into high-performing website with our PSD to WordPress conversion services. Our WordPress website developers can translate your PSD into functional website, ensuring an enhanced user experience.

Third-Party Integration Services
Third-Party Integration Services

Does your website lack advanced features and functions? Get them with our third-party integration services. Our team can integrate secure and robust APIs that enhance overall website's cohesiveness.

WordPress Migration
WordPress Migration

Transfer your website from other platforms to WordPress with our WordPress migration services. Our team can easily and efficiently migrate website without any data loss or security compromise.

WordPress Maintenance Support
WordPress Maintenance & Support

As part of end-to-end WordPress development services, we provide comprehensive maintenance and support services to ensure optimal website performance and compatibility among different components.

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Partner with the leading WordPress Development Company to design, develop, and deliver websites that captivate and convert. Don't ignore, get in touch with our WordPress development team!

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Our WordPress Development Approach

Do you need a website that is both beautiful and functional? Amp up your digital presence with IndyLogix Solutions, a credible and custom WordPress development company.

  • Before our in-house team begins any WordPress development tasks, we conduct a discovery call with the potential client. Our team delves deep to understand the business, its needs, demands, and expectations from the project. Post-discussion, our WordPress Development Company will audit the existing website (if any) to identify strengths and weaknesses, uncover opportunities, and suggest actionable steps to ensure an optimal web development process.

  • After gaining client approval and onboarding them as their partnered WordPress development company, we proceed to the strategy development phase. Our tech-enabled team collaborates with project stakeholders, such as the design and content teams, to create wireframes and prototypes, delegate tasks, set timeframes, and determine plan-of-action if any issues arise. This helps us design a robust WordPress website development service plan that addresses the client’s unique needs and goals. Additionally, our team identifies gaps and opportunities to ensure maximum impact and effectiveness.

  • The next phase involves implementing the WordPress development strategies as per the project plan. Our WordPress development services team works in sprints and iterations to build and optimize the website, including front-end and back-end development, ensuring a seamless user experience. Additionally, they refine the website’s structure and essential components to boost the site’s performance and ranking. With our efforts, the website’s functionality and visibility will significantly improve.

  • What makes IndyLogix the best WordPress development company in Ahmedabad is our comprehensive approach, including rigorous testing of the website. Our WordPress development team conducts extensive testing to measure key metrics such as site speed, usability, and functionality. This phase provides accurate and actionable insights that help in fine-tuning the development strategy for optimal results.

  • Unlike other WordPress development company in Ahmedabad that provide too many technical reports, we take a different approach. As your top WordPress website development company, we ensure clear and comprehensive reporting. Upon collaboration, we assign a dedicated project manager who will oversee the project’s performance, be your Point-of-Contact (POC), and provide you with detailed reports covering overall development and other key metrics. Additionally, we will present an actionable roadmap to ensure the WordPress web development services meet your expectations. This commitment to excellence and dedication makes IndyLogix the top WordPress development company in Ahmedabad.

Our Valued Clients

Discover The Brand’s Voice For Our WordPress Development Services

Choosing IndyLogix as our WordPress Website Development Company was the best thing that could have happened to us. Working with a highly professional WordPress development team was impressive, as they were able to develop a website that provided a perfect representation of our brand and was beyond expectations. We highly recommend their custom WordPress development services!!!

Jessica Anthony New Zealand

I had no idea how to start building my website. Thank you the best team of IndyLogix’s WordPress development. Not only did they create visually appealing site but also made sure the site was functional and easy to navigate. I’m happy to note that traffic and leads have increased to our sites. In conclusion, I would like to endorse WordPress Development Services in Ahmedabad. Well done for making my dream come true!

Hiten Mehta India

IndyLogix is a lifesaver! Their WordPress website developer team is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable. We would definitely recommend them for any further WordPress development work.

Asha Nigam India

I’m not very tech-savvy, but IndyLogix made the process of building a website surprisingly easy. Their WordPress development services team was very helpful and explained everything in layman’s terms. I now have a beautiful and functional website for my blog, and I’m so grateful for IndyLogix’s help.

Rick Carle USA

I am very happy with the results and would recommend them to anyone looking for a WordPress development company in Ahmedabad. Their expertise in custom WordPress development services was evident throughout the project. Highly professional people.

Rajeev Brar India

It was a pleasure working with IndyLogix and their very energetic WordPress website development services team who responds to every concern. Their solutions are out of the box and they are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. I am very satisfied with the final outcome – you’ve done a great job!!!!

Hannah R. Neil Canada

We were looking for a WordPress development company in Ahmedabad that could understand our unique needs. IndyLogix went above and beyond to create a custom WordPress development that is tailored to our industry. We can and will recommend the WordPress development services of IndyLogix.

Advaith Modi India

I was impressed by IndyLogix’s expertise in WordPress Development Services. They built me a custom WordPress website that’s not only beautiful but also highly functional. They are always available to answer my questions and provide support. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend WordPress Website Development Company.

Roshan Agarwal India

Great company to work with. Their WordPress development expertise attribute part of our success. They listened to my needs, offered relevant options, responded to all of my questions, and most importantly, handled things efficiently. Indylogix is truly a custom WordPress development company that delivers!

Hayley Gartrell Australia

It has been great to work with IndyLogix. We’ve seen a significant increase in online orders since launching the new site, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Rina Desai India

I approached IndyLogix a few months ago for WordPress website development. They provided us with a seamless, user-friendly website that significantly improved our online presence. The end result was great. Thank you again!!

Tom Werfel Germany

Since our first-time communication with IndyLogix, we knew we’d come to the right place. The best WordPress development company in Ahmedabad helped us create a beautiful and user-friendly website. Their WordPress development services were affordable and efficient, and they were able to create a website that met all of my needs.

Abhay Singh India


  • Sure, why not! We are head over heels for the opportunity. As the leading WordPress development company in Ahmedabad, IndyLogix aims to provide custom WordPress development services that benefit the client. We offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions as well as stand-alone WordPress development services appropriate to business requirements. So, whether you want to add functionality to your existing website or customize the website according to your marketing strategy, get in touch with our team for WordPress development services!

  • Yes, we do provide maintenance and support services! As the leading WordPress development company in Ahmedabad, we provide custom WordPress development services, which include post-launch maintenance and support services.

    Before we begin the WordPress development project, we sign a foundational agreement that includes pre-determined post-launch service based on the size and scope of the project. After the conclusion of the maintenance and support period, we have a separate retainer agreement that allows post-launch maintenance and support for an extended duration.

  • At IndyLogix, we provide multiple engagement and pricing models to our clientele. Clients can hire our team for WordPress development services on an hourly/monthly/per-project, or determined/undetermined price quote basis. So, after the client validates the engagement model, we suggest a pricing model appropriate for the project’s execution and the client’s budget.

  • As the leading WordPress development company in Ahmedabad, IndyLogix provides a comprehensive range of custom WordPress development services. Our spectrum of WordPress web development services includes:

    • WordPress CMS Development
    • Theme Customization
    • PSD to WordPress
    • Third-Party Integration Services
    • WordPress Migration Service
    • WordPress Maintenance and Support Service

    As the best WordPress development company in Ahmedabad, we are the go-to development partners for different sectors. We have collaborated with distinct business and industry verticals, including:

    • Healthcare Sector
    • Banking & Finance Sector
    • Retail & eCommerce Sector
    • Media & Entertainment Sector
    • Education & eLearning Sector
    • Travel & Tourism Sector
    • Logistics & Transport Sector
  • Absolutely! Upon choosing IndyLogix as the WordPress development agency, we assign a dedicated project manager for the project. The assigned resource leverages our go-to project management tools, including Basecamp, Jira, Trello, etc., and other communication channels involving Skype, email, etc., to establish effective communication and update you about the whereabouts of the WordPress development project.

    Also, the assigned project manager will send detailed and easy-to-understand reports and analytics to help you formulate insight-driven decisions.

  • There are various factors that impacts the WordPress web development costs, including:

    • Domain Name Charges
    • Web Hosting Charges
    • Project Complexity & Project’s Scope
    • Project Timeframe
    • Professional Resource Allocation
    • Themes and Plug-In Development
    • Maintenance and Support Costs, etc.

    Got a project? Call us or drop us a line and our WordPress development team will connect with you to discuss your project requirement.

  • No two projects are alike, and the same goes for the ROI of any project. But as a matter of fact, our clients have gained over a 70% increase in organic inbound traffic upon availing of our custom WordPress development services.

    • WordPress project developed by our team ensures
    • Better SERPs Ranking
    • Increased Inbound Organic Traffic
    • Better Lead Generation
    • Improved Sales Statistics
    • Higher Return-To-The-Page Ratio
    • Improved Brand Awareness
  • As a client-featured WordPress development company, we always aim to make the client’s project seamless and hassle-free, regardless of the size of the project. So, if the project demands a number of WordPress website developers to work on it, we shall assign them to the project. We do not set a prescribed limit on the number of WordPress website developers’ clients can hire.

    However, before clients opt to hire the resources, we recommend a feasible number of on-project resources for the project. This ensures the project is developed within the stipulated budget and timeframe without causing any project development time escalation or budget overrun.

  • There are numerous payment procedures followed by a custom WordPress website development company in Ahmedabad, but at IndyLogix Solutions, we adhere to a flexible payment procedure. We accept 50% of the project’s cost upfront and the rest after the successful deployment of the project. This includes design, development, delivery, deployment, and post-launch maintenance and supports the project for a certain period, depending on the project’s scope and complexity. After the period’s conclusion, we offer a service retainer agreement to allow the continuation of maintenance and support for an extended duration for an additional nominal fee.