WordPress eCommerce with Gutenberg - How Does It Make Things Easier?
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    What is the Gutenberg editor?

    As Internet usage is at its peak people digitize their businesses offerings more and more often. In this line of thought more people with little or no IT experience tend to use various Internet platforms to conduct business. In terms of Web Development WordPress was the improvement that made creating a website possible for everybody. It is no surprise that WordPress is powering more than 26% of the whole web.

    The next big thing in this pro-user evolution is already here and is called the Gutenberg WordPress Editor, named after the printer and publisher Johannes Gutenberg. He lived more than 500 years ago and is most notable for introducing the mechanical movable type printing press in Europe, which made a huge impact on the whole Renaissance.

    In modern times the Gutenberg WordPress Editor is a new editing environment that gives users endless possibilities with very little effort. The editor itself still needs some improvements but the overall outlines are great and very promising, and in this article we are going to point out the things that it makes easier for every online shop owner. So if you have any doubts about should you use the Gutenberg Editor we hope that this article will help you!

    How Is it Helpful for an eCommerce Owner?

    Add Content without Coding

    We all know that WordPress is a wonderful website building tool that needs very little amount of programming skills involved…well the Gutenberg Editor goes even further. It is all about creativity without the need of hand coding the objects and styles that need to be included. You just need to insert the object block that is needed – whether it is an image, a list, heading, table or a whole gallery.

    With this editor, users have full control of their websites and can update hem via content blocks instead of lines of HTML and CSS code. The Gutenberg Editor is the dream of every non-tech person who wants to have a website and provide business with it.

    But do not worry – if you want to insert a specific line of HTML or CSS code the Gutenberg people have got you covered again. The so called “Live HTML Block” lets you insert that necessary chunk of code and you can immediately see the result with a single click! However, the blocks that are used instead of coding are perfect for beginners, they are definitely more fun and every theme can be customized even further.

    Easy to Add eCommerce to WordPress Site

    Building an eCommerce store in your WordPress website is as easy as editing the pages. At the moment a couple of ecommerce plugins that work with Gutenberg are offered and they can do wonders with your business. Let us say that you get the most traffic to your WordPress blog or even a specific page. How to use this traffic effectively? With the Gutenberg Editor, you can just add a “Purchase” button right into your blog posts or at the beginning of a popular page and hopefully turn your huge traffic into profit and new customers.

    With the use of Gutenberg, turning your WordPress blog into a fully functional online store is possible and if you hire a WordPress developer it can even be converted into a native mobile application.

    Using the Gutenberg & WooCommerce combo will give you full customization as simple as possible. The main star of this combo is the Product Block which is a modern version of the product shortcode. Once you import your product you can immediately check how every customer will see it.

    Extra Features to Simplify the Website Owner Tasks

    Everyone who uses eCommerce with WordPress knows that your shop needs a lot of work and in the end, a developer needs to come and help with the created mess. The Gutenberg WordPress editor provides more screen space with fewer distractions. This is perfect for people who want to benefit from the new alignment options via their high-resolution screens.

    We should mention some minor, at first glance, details that will actually improve everyone’s work process for sure. The Recent Blocks button, for example, will be very useful when you need to use identical pieces of block on different pages. In this manner the autocomplete of text when inserting a block will also save us tons of time in the long run.

    Even now the Gutenberg WordPress editor works excellent on mobile and we all know that this is the future of Internet. With the plugin you can edit your web pages on the go – something that a lot of people were waiting for a long time now. This feature alone will have a huge impact on how maintaining a website works.

    Start Selling Online Quickly with IndyLogix and Gutenberg

    The world of web development is evolving constantly and the new Gutenberg WordPress Editor is the newest step in this user-oriented evolution. It provides the most user-friendly experience when creating a website or online store up to now. Building and maintaining an eCommerce store has never been some timesaving and efficient! One the other hand hiring a WordPress developer has never been such a good investment because now you can achieve exactly what you want for less time.

    If you are still struggling with your old online store or think it’s about time to create one and expand you business globally – there is no better time than now! Contact IndyLogix – your local WordPress Development Company in Sydney and enter the modern world of online sales. You will have an eye catching online store in no time and can start attracting new customers with offers they can’t refuse! We are here to help you in your strive for excellence!