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    WordPress, as we all know, is the most popular and frequently used content management system that needs no introduction at the present date. The CMS offers the efficient and timely development of website/websites due to which experienced WordPress developers are in high demand today. In fact, a number of site administrators are utilizing this excellent framework for managing more than one website at the present date.

    Now, the biggest question arises is – how are these sites managed? Do they install multiple versions of WordPress to accomplish the task?

    And the answer is NO. They make use of the excellent Multisite feature offered by WordPress. In this article, we are aiming to introduce the outstanding Multisite feature of WordPress, its benefits, drawbacks as well as describing how you can set up a WordPress Multisite. Let us start:

    What exactly is WordPress’ Multisite feature

    Multisite is a WordPress’ feature that enables users to handle several WordPress websites with the help of a single installation of WordPress. The feature enables site administrators to easily make changes to their multiple WordPress websites from just one place.

    Benefits of WordPress Multisite feature

    1. Any number of individual sites can be managed from just one place.
    2. Themes, as well as plugins, can easily be utilized across various sites with just one installation.
    3. WordPress Multisite feature supports the sharing of code among the websites on the network. Hence, developers are free from the overhead of writing same code multiple times for different sites present over the network. This, in turn, saves the time of developers to a great extent. 
    4. It is more cost-effective to manage multiple websites from one place as compared to handling them individually.
    5. The backup data for all the sites on the network is collected at once hence backing up every site individually is not required.

    Drawbacks of WordPress Multisite feature

    1. While using plugins on a Multisite, developers may encounter compatibility issues as not all plugins work comfortably in a Multisite environment.
    2. The introduction of the Multisite feature on the WordPress dashboard also increases the overhead of taking more care of performance and security aspects associated with the sites present on the network. 
    3. In case there is a hacker attack or any other kind of bad time, all the sites on the network will get affected from it.
    4. Individual sites do not have permission to add or delete themes and plugins. In fact, they are able to only activate or deactivate them.
    5. All the hosting plans do not support Multisite. Hence the options to choose the hosting plans are less.

    Steps to set up a WordPress Multisite

    The feature serves as an excellent option for those who need to handle several separate websites from a single dashboard. However, this is something that cannot be introduced to your site just by installing a plugin or theme or by activating it via WordPress default settings. In fact, there are some specific steps that need to be followed in order to activate the feature in your WordPress installation.

    Downloading and Installing WordPress: 

    First of all, you need to download and install WordPress on your system.

    Adding the required code in wp-config.php file: 

    Now, you are required to add a line of code to your wp-config.php file in order to enable Multisite to your newly installed software.



    /* Multisite */

    define(‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true);


    Locate “That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging”  in the file, add the above line just 

    before it then save the file.

     Configuring WordPress network settings: 

    Go to Tools >> Network Setup from the WordPress dashboard. 

    Note: The Network Setup option will be available only after adding the necessary code in the wp-config.php file as mentioned in step – 2.

    Enter appropriate values in Network Title and Network Admin Email fields and click install.

    You will notice that you are provided with two different code snippets (as given in the below picture) that are required to be added in two separate files.

    The first code needs to be added in the same  wp-config.php file we used in step – 2. Copy and paste the code just above the line “That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging” and save the file. 

    The second code is required to be added in .htaccess file. You can locate the file in WordPress’ home folder. All the code of the file needs to be replaced with the current  (the copied one). Now don’t forget to save the file. 

    Hurray! Your site is successfully configured to be a Multisite. Log in again and notice new options given on the top left corner of the dashboard.

    Adding a new site

    Go to Network Admin >> Sites. You will notice a screen listing all your sites. Click on Add New. Provide the necessary details asked on the screen and click on the Add Site button.

    You can click on the Sites option given on your WordPress dashboard to see the listing of all your sites. The screen will also provide you with the options to add, manage, and delete your site/sites.

    Hope the above steps will aid you to introduce WordPress Multisite feature into your WordPress dashboard. The feature is so amazing that it incorporates a significant ease for the site administrators to manage multiple WordPress websites. However, in addition to help site administrators, the feature also includes more complexities to your WordPress setup. Also, the security and performance aspects associated with the website need more care with the introduction of the Multisite feature.

    However, if you are not able to manage your multiple WordPress sites, concerned about the security aspects of your website, need to develop a new WordPress website, or need any other kind of assistance in the same, we are happy to help. Get in touch with our expert team of WordPress developers to get the best, timely and affordable services!