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    Whenever a business owner describes his idea with an aim to develop a website for his business, it becomes the responsibility of a good development company to select the suitable technology from the collection of available choices to get the required final outcome. The choices that are available to fulfill the purpose include a variety of ready-made CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and the frameworks like Laravel, Symphony, and so on. 

    Among all these, the most popular and frequently used CMS is WordPress and the most popular and frequently used framework is Laravel. However, many people are adopting Laravel over ready-made CMSs and looking to hire Laravel developers very frequently to develop their next application.

    While facing the difficulty of choosing the correct one between WordPress and Laravel, you may need to review the fundamental nature of both the tools so that you can get a better comprehension of the abilities of the two. Nevertheless, this article is focused on introducing you with the main similarities as well as differences between the two and circumstances in which you should go for one over the other but before moving forward, let us have a brief introduction of both.

    WordPress – The Introduction

    WordPress is a ready-made content management system (CMS) that enables you to develop an efficient website in the least possible time by allowing you to make use of a large number of themes and plugins available that keep you away from the need to create everything from scratch. 

    Developers are fond of WordPress mainly because it permits them to make a quick start towards the development, and is very much SEO-friendly. Moreover, the use of available plugins and themes assist them in speeding up the development process to a great extent. 

    Laravel – The Introduction

    Laravel is a PHP framework utilized for building web applications as well as other kinds of websites. It was mainly created with the purpose of handling complicated tasks more efficiently. Laravel possesses a huge range of outstanding features that assist in the development of excellent as well as high performing web applications. 

    Laravel relies on a collection of reusable PHP elements known as Symfony and encourages a feature-packages architecture. Laravel has been enjoying the victory right from its first launce happened in 2011 and has gained a huge community of developers across the world. Moreover, Laravel 7, the latest version of the framework has become the top-rated PHP framework on GitHub in a very short span of time. 

    Comparison Between WordPress and Laravel


    1. Both WordPress and Laravel are able to create websites that are simple to use and effortless to manage. 
    2. Both are capable of creating functional, understandable, useful, and manageable websites. 


    1. WordPress is a system whereas Laravel is a framework.
    2. WordPress offers a large number of themes and plugins that enable you to achieve a more satisfying user experience and better content management respectively whereas Laravel offers a variety of powerful features that contribute towards performing the complicated tasks such as authentication, data management, verification, etc. associated with the development of web applications easily.
    3. Laravel Web Development is costlier as compared to WordPress. However, when it comes to bigger projects that keep on growing with time, you end up saving a lot of your money and efforts associated with the development if you opt for the Laravel framework.
    4. When we talk about the speed of the website, Laravel is a winner as WordPress development involves the use of a variety of plugin that may require a lot of time to get loaded which in turn, reduces the speed of the website.

    The advantages of WordPress include

    1. It involves a search-engine-friendly structure.
    2. It provides the ability to distribute the posts in several categories.
    3. It provides automatic filters for better formatting and styling of the text in posts.
    4. It allows to incorporate additional features to the website by providing a vast range of plugins.
    5. It provides an easy association with the third-party services.
    6. It has a huge community support all over the world.

    The advantages of Laravel include

    1. Laravel offers a developer-friendly structure that is supported by a huge documentation.
    2. It presents an easy validation and authorization process to develop web apps.
    3. It provides flexibility in database migrations.
    4. It permits a swift and easy deployment of web apps.
    5. It permits easy connection with third-party services.
    6. It too has a vast community support across the globe.

    Selection Between WordPress and Laravel

    You can choose WordPress for your next project if you are looking to create a content-based website, blog, media portal, online portfolio, etc. or want to develop a quality website within a short span of time. WordPress can also prove to be a great choice if you are looking to create a custom-made website for the one who is not very sound technically, or creating an online store for a small to medium scale company. If you are looking for such features and facilities, you should opt for WordPress but don’t khow how to use it. Recommend to hire WordPress Developer to keep the process smooth and glitch-free.

    On the other hand, Laravel can be your preference if you are creating a data-based website booking service, an app to accomplish for project management, looking to create a payment gateway, etc. Laravel framework is also suitable for creating a custom-made web application comprising a number of complicated features or developing an e-commerce site for large scale businesses. When you are sure to choose Laravel for your web app development, recommend to hire Laravel Developer, not to start working on it immediately.


    Although it completely depends on you what technology or framework you want to adopt for your next project, still thinking about all the important aspects and finding out the answers for all the important questions associated with the selected technology is extremely important before proceeding towards the development as you may end up wasting your precious time any money if not picked cautiously. 

    Hence, do think about the aspects like what type of website you require, what is the ultimate goal, and likewise in order to make the right choice between the Laravel and WordPress. 

    Meanwhile, if you find Laravel framework as a suitable choice for your next project and need Laravel Development Services to proceed, get in touch with our Laravel Developers today!